Building Info

General Information


375 Park Avenue
New York, New York 10152


The property is located in the heart of midtown Manhattan on the east side of Park Avenue between East 52nd and 53rd Streets.
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Approximately 201' on Park Avenue and approximately 302' on East 52nd and 53rd Streets.

Total Site Area

Approximately 59,950 square feet, or 1.4 acres, located on a slightly irregular site.

Tax Block/Lot Block


Year Built



A 38-story office and retail structure designed by Mies Van der Rohe and Phillip Johnson and constructed in 1958.

The property’s improvements include a spacious plaza along Park Avenue, a 150 car parking garage and three restaurant spaces.

The property features a broad elevated plaza along Park Avenue. The plaza, considered one of 375 Park’s definitive design features, includes symmetrically designed fountains and landscaping.

Building Height

Approximately 520 feet 

Setbacks & Floorplates

375 Park has setbacks on the 5th and 11th floors. The table below shows the gross square feet for the different sections of the building:

Floors Aggregate Gross sf
2–4 39,000
5–10 26,000
11–38 18,000

Zoning & Construction Detail


375 Park is located in C5-3 and C5-2.5 General Central Commercial Districts. Allowable uses are office buildings and related large retailing uses serving the entire New York metropolitan area. A few types of high-value custom manufacturing uses associated with retail uses are also allowed. Allowable FAR is 12.0 (C5-2.5) and 15.0 (C5-3) for a combined effective FAR of 13.09.

Type of Construction

Structural steel and concrete


Poured reinforced columns, beams and slabs


Structural steel with masonry and concrete encasement


Concrete poured over metal deck. Each floor is bridged by structural steel floor beams. The stairwells, bathrooms, equipment rooms and elevator shafts are central core.

Curtain Wall

The building’s exterior curtain wall consists of Bronze mullions and spandrels made of materials including Muntz metal (a bronze-like alloy), glass windows and green serpentine marble.

A louvered screen approximately three stories tall is located above the 38th floor of the building. Rooftop mechanical equipment is located behind the screen.


Tinted dark bronze 3/8" reflective glass

Loading Dock & Doors

There are two truck doors located on the East 52nd Street side of the building at the loading dock.

Pedestrian Doors

Glass in aluminum frames. There are seven sets of revolving doors and two sets of swing doors.